About us

House of Fun is one of the best free slot casino apps that brings Las Vegas to your phone! This app is designed by Platika and has created the best slot machines for free Android or iOS gaming.

About our House of Fun Coin Generator

Our website’s only goal is to make sure that every person playing house of fun can enjoy that game as long as they want. The game is very simple to play and is like any other casino games. You have coins which you earn by winning the games or side quests.

You can use those coins to play more games and in turn earn rewards or sometimes win money. But like always the amount of free coins or spins they offer are not enough and most of the spins and slots which are so called “free spins and slots” are actually rigged and just there to give the players hope. This is why we have created our website so that you can enjoy the game however you want and earn amazing rewards while having all the fun. The coins that you get from our website are like any other coin in the game and can be used whatever way possible.

The generator is pretty easy to use, and it does not take long for the order to show up in your account. All you have to do is enter your unique id and the coins you want (you can also add spins or slots into your account using our services), or the spins and slots and just wait for them to show up. This is absolutely free of charge making it the best deal ever you will come across regarding House of Fun.

Using coins and currency to earn money in any other casino game is similar like in this game, they all want to put money into the game and play more but if you keep doing that you are putting more money into the game than you are taking out and you are wasting your grinding time for nothing. This is why we have prepared this solution where you get to keep your money while at the same time you can earn back rewards and have a little fun playing the game.

Support that cares

We make sure that the order that you requested from us is added as soon as possible and we also keep it under the nose of the developing team of House of Fun. This is done very carefully and by professionals, they add the spins or coins using the House of Fun free coins and spins algorithm. The coins take a little time to be added into your account, the bigger the order is the more time it takes for the coins to show up in your account.

One thing that we should always be careful about is if the amount of coins you requested are too big, they may even take unnecessary attention and cause problems for your account. We use the best resources possible for your order management and use Unique IP addresses for every single order so that they all can’t be traced back to one single IP address. This is what makes our services best in the league and trustworthy.